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Inflatable rentals are one of those things that kids just love about parties. Children of all ages love to jump around in a bounce house, and it seems that once they get in, they never want to leave! Johnston Amusements (Party Rentals) in Stockton, CA is the best company for inflatable rentals that you and your entire family can enjoy!

One thing that you may be concerned about is the safety of bounce house rentals. You don’t need to worry or have any fear, as we are fully responsible for delivering and setting up our inflatables. We make sure that all inflatables are safely secured to the ground before any child is allowed to play. We always use precaution when setting up inflatables, as strong winds can be a hazard, and we guarantee that your child and party guests will be safe in our hands.

Our bounce houses are a popular attraction, and offer lots of space for the little ones to jump around in. Other than bounce house rentals, we have other fun inflatables, such as inflatable giant boxing. This is a safe and thrilling way for your kids to try out their boxing skills without hurting anyone! Adults are also encouraged to give inflatable boxing a try. No matter what type of inflatables you choose, you can never go wrong with inflatable rentals at a children’s party.

Like all of our other rentals, we handle all setup, operation, and take down. We make sure that everyone is having a good time while being safe. We ensure the seamless operation of all of our inflatable rentals, and the safety and well-being of our clients is of the utmost importance to us.

There has never been an accident on our watch. Don’t miss out on our inflatable rentals. Call today to reserve one or more for your next party!

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